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World Car Loans is your guide in automotive financing in Ashburn, regardless of earlier credit issues. Our service is Fast, Friendly and best of all, completely FREE!

Before you fill out our quick contact or application forms, please use our Prequalification Tool to get our judgment on whether you will be able to qualify for financing.

If bad credit has been holding you back from purchasing a quality used vehicle, look no further. We can help you get the financing you deserve. We have a immense network of dealers and lenders all over the United States that have assisted countless numbers of people just like yourself drive great cars, used and new, while at the same time re-establishing their credit! Did we mention we can get you a quality used car with a warranty? Best of all, our service is FRIENDLY, FAST and FREE! There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION by you, the buyer. Our job is to locate for you the vehicle you desire with the financing you need, all at a price you can afford.

Our assistance has helped countless people find a dealer to work with them, in spite of their previous credit problems. We handle almost every situation imaginable: Bad credit, no credit, repossessions, bankruptcy, charge-offs, divorce, slow pays, self-employed, SSI, and many others. Each persons situation is unique, and we handle it as such. We have small payment plans to fit just about every budget. We may even be able to get you driving the same day!

Let World Car Loans find the dealer and lender that can get you driving the vehicle you desire. Our finance specialists are standing by to assist you.

We are currently looking for customers who have a monthly income of at least $1500, have a minimum age of 18, and do not currently have another vehicle financed.

About Bad Credit Auto Loans

Purchasing a vehicle can be a reality for individuals with poor credit by using World Car Loans. World Car Loans lenders are more interested in a person's stability and ability to pay when purchasing an automobile.

Individuals with poor credit are not the only ones who can benefit from this type of financing. Many first time car purchases are made by buyers whose credit history is non existent. A student who has just graduated may not have established much in the way of a credit history. A recently divorced mom may not have been in the job market for years and may have no established credit of her own. The answer for these individuals can be found at World Car Loans.


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